Dog Sneezing

What Causes a Dog To Sneeze?

Dog Sneezing - Is Your Dog Sneezing

Dog sneezing is very common in all dog breeds. However, what causes your dog to sneeze? Should I be worried when a dog sneeze happens? What are the signs I should look for and when should I take my dog to the vet? These are some questions we will attempt to answer as we explore why a dog sneezes.

Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing?

When learning what causes a dog sneeze, there are a few things that really stand out. First off, your dog might have an upper respiratory tract infection – this is what we might call a cold. Often times sneezing is the only symptom a dog displays when they have an infection or a cold virus. Just like people, if dogs are around other dogs with a virus, it is easy for them to pick it up. Common places where viruses are contracted would include dog parks, boarding centers, grooming appointments, and even a trip to the vet. Sometimes probiotics for dogs can help.

Another thing that can cause a dog to sneeze would be if a foreign object gets into the nostrils. If dogs are just sniffing wet grass or have their sniffer where chemicals have been, this can cause your dog to sneeze as well.

Allergies are another cause of sneezing in dogs. These could be either environmental or food allergies. Food allergies in dogs can be avoided if you pay attention and are willing to try different foods. Other signs of food allergies could include dry skin and itching.

Infected teeth can also cause dogs to sneeze. There are certain teeth that are close to the nasal area and if they are infected they can cause your dog to sneeze.

Another thing that could cause sneezing in your dog is a tumor. However, this will normally cause drainage as well. If your dog is sneezing and blood discharges, you probably have a problem that needs medical attention.

Should I Be Worried if My Dog is Sneezing?

Most of the time dog sneezing is no big deal at all. However, if it persists for several days or if your dog is having nasal discharge you should see your veterinarian.

Are Some Dog Breeds More Likely to Sneeze?

Even though dog sneezing affects all breeds, some breeds are more likely to have sneezing problems. These would include Pugs, Bulldogs, and other dog breeds with flat faces.